Case Study: Raymond- Suitings For “The Complete Man”

The Raymond Group was incorporated in 1925 and within a span of a few years, transformed from being an Indian textile major to a global conglomerate. Raymond Group manufacture for the world the finest fabrics – from wool to wool-blended worsted suiting to specialty ring denims as well as high value shirting.

Raymond Group Companies are:
Raymond Ltd.
Raymond Apparel Ltd.
ColorPlus Fashions Ltd.
Silver Spark Apparel Ltd.
EverBlue Apparel Ltd.
Celebrations Apparel Ltd.
J.K. Files & Tools
Ring Plus Aqua Ltd.
J.K. Helene Curtis Ltd.
J.K. Investo Trade (India) Ltd.

The caselet focuses on the Raymond Group’s marketing communication initiatives to promote its worsted suiting brand. Raymond was the first company in the textile industry to shift focus from the product to an individual’s personality with the ‘The Complete Man’ advertising campaign. The caselet elaborates on the rationale that made Raymond promote its premium suiting with the same theme (of highlighting the softer side of the Indian male) over the years. The caselet also contrasts the communications strategy adopted by the company to promote other well-known readymade brands like Park Avenue and Parx.

» Brand management strategies for apparel brands in India

» Emotional Appeal in Apparel Advertising
» Aligning advertising appeal to suit changing consumer aspirations


The Raymond Group (Raymond) is an Rs 14 bn plus conglomerate, having businesses in textiles, readymade garments, men’s toiletries, engineering files, and tools. The 75-year-old Raymond Ltd. is a market leader in the worsted suiting category. The company is primarily involved in the manufacture of worsted woolen fabric, shawls, rugs, blankets, tweed, and upholstery fabrics.
Raymond Apparel Ltd. owns the well-known readymade brands — Park Avenue, Parx, Manzoni, and Be. Raymond was the first company in the textile industry to shift focus from the product to an individual’s personality with the ‘The Complete Man’ advertising campaign, for its worsted suiting category. The initial ads of Raymond’s were handled by the ad agency Bensons (now Ogilvy & Mather) and were created by Frank Simoes.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Compare and contrast the different appeals used by Raymond’s in its ad campaigns for its suiting and readymade shirting segments.

2. “While there will be some new execution for the brand, we will continue to use the theme of the ‘Complete Man’ to address the youth. After all, today’s youth thinks he knows everything and aspires to be the complete man.” According to you, is Raymond correct in continuing with the same emotional theme for its suiting range (now targeted at the younger generation), when it has repositioned the Park Avenue and Parx brands (also targeted at the youth), with new ad campaigns to meet the changing consumer needs?


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